21:21 | August 29, 2017

BTS nelly shoot


Woke up at 5 to fly to Stockholm for a party campaign shoot with Nelly! Such an amazing day and the team was one of a kind, so inspiring to work around such crazy talented women ❤️ can't wait to see the results! It will be out in a few weeks and I'll be the first one to share it with you babes! Tomorrow I'll be flying to Mallorca for a short yacht week, hoping it will be all sorts of amazing! I'll keep you guys updated, and sorry for the poor updates – it's a bit hectic at the moment.. BUT SO MUCH FUN!! Sending love to all of you xx

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  1. ellen on

    HEJ!! Jag och min pojkvän ska ta en månad usa i februari typ (i kombination med andra resemål) men vi tänker tyyyp två veckor san fran två veckor LA. Eller? kan inte du göra ett inlägg om dina bästa californien-tips, hade ägt. Du äger också. KRAM Ellen


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