19:18 | December 20, 2017

NEW VIDEO – Get ready with me!


Finally a new video live! From this morning, I hope you like it x 

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  1. Zarah on

    Hej vackra Matilda! Älskar verkligen din blogg och du är verkligen en daglig inspiration och förebild!

    Tänkte bara fråga vart du beställde glossier produkterna från denna sminkvideon? Har försökt hitta något hemsida som shoppar till Sverige men har helt utan resultat.

    Bästa hälsningar och tack på förhand!!

    • matildadjerf on

      Hej fina <3 åh tack snälla, blir så himla glad. Jag köpte faktiskt dessa och skickade hem till min kompis som bor i england som sedan fick skicka vidare till mig. Hoppas SÅ att dom börjar skicka till Sverige 2018.. Massa kramar <3 xx

  2. Marie on

    You’re so beautiful! Your skin and your hair are perfect I’m french and I don’t understand all what you said, can you write all the names of products you Used ? Thank you beauty!

    • matildadjerf on

      Thank you so much love! This made me so happy <3 The names of the products are in the description of the video on youtube x

  3. Melanie on

    Dear Matilda,

    It’s really bad for your stomach to drink first thing a cup of warm water with lemon juice. Your stomach is empty and The acidity from the lemon or any other citrus (mandarin orange juice) hits your stomach. It’s ok to drink hot water with lemon after a heavy meal but not on an empty stomach. Many diets used to suggest drinking hot water with lemon but that destroyed many people stomachs it leaves you with pains and you usually don’t understand that that is the cause of it, because it happens when you eat something else and you might also have experienced heartburns. The best thing you can do is drink a big glass of water with nothing in it. I’m telling you this after many friends of mine had stomach problems just because I started drinking hot water with lemon. Also a good a pharmacist is very against it. Loved the rest of the video!

  4. Nina on

    Hoj! Tänkte på ditt inlägg om tankar kring kroppen, utseende och media. Måste säga att när jag ser denna videon slås jag av hur vansinnigt vacker du är! Alltså sådär tokigt avundsvärt, haha. Hoppas du får höra det ofta <3

  5. Maria on

    Hey, Thanks for an inspiring tutorial! I adored that pj *heart eyes*. Is it likely you can share where it’s from?
    Xx Maria

  6. Rachel on

    Hey Matilda! I am absolutely in LOVE with your hair. I’m planning on getting my hair done in about a week and you are my inspiration! A quick question I have is this: do you have layers that frame your face as well as long bangs? My bands are similar to yours but are very grown out and they look pretty choppy without face framing layers. Thank you 🙂


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