12:43 | December 14, 2016

That time again.. let’s talk about girls


“Girls, it’s time we stand together. Not push each other down. If someone you know, or someone you follow does a good job or achieves something, applaud them..” I wrote this in August and now I think it’s time for that talk again. I don’t like that I have to talk about it as much as I do, because I wish with all my heart that it just came naturally to everyone. But I feel like we all need to be reminded sometimes. SIDE NOTE: I am not talking down on girls. I love girl power, this post is all about it, http://www.matildadjerf.com/girl-power-and-the-lack-of-it-26650244. But this is MY blog and I have to write about MY experiences. And in my experiences it’s girls who have been the meanest to me, and to people close to me. I hope that you are not looking for something that is not here, because all that is here is disappointment in the lack of girl power. Like I also wrote about in the post above. I love us girls, and you guys know that.

I remember in what was it, eight grade? these girls spit after me as I walked out from school. And they whispered bitch as I walked through the corridors. Back then it was devastating. No one should have to feel unwanted. Nowadays I know the fault wasn’t in me. It was in them. And i’ve always had a thought in my head that made everything feel a little bit better “when I grow older I won’t have to deal with stuff like this”. But then I became older and I noticed around me that things didn’t change. Adults are still children sometimes. And girls are still girls. Vicious if they are jealous or want something that you have.

Being 25 and still ganging up on one girl with your friend. Being 19 and still bullying people in school. Freezing out people because they don’t fit in to what you think is “right”. To all these girls, and yes – i’ve decided to only make this about girls. Because in my experience girls can be the meanest to other girls. STOP IT! We all need each other, we all need a friend. We need to stick together, empower each other and love each other. For all our differences, all our personalities and all our looks. And for the girl who has experienced the cruelty of other girls, remember – there is no one like you in this world! And that makes you unique. And unique people are special, which makes you special. And never ever, take anything personal. It’s just them being insecure. And to make them annoyed, show them you are anything but insecure. Because you are, if you just believe in YOU.

ps. we all know that its important for friends to be by your side when something goes wrong and you are sad. But something that shows true friendship is the friend that’s by your side when everything is going right and celebrates with you. NEVER forget that! If you friend is jealous of your success, it’s probably not a true friend.

11:23 | December 2, 2016

Burrows & Co photo shoot


A week ago I shot for one of my favorite brands, ever. Burrows & Co. Here is a few photos for you guys, I have more to show you! The bikinis are fun and adorable, and so comfy! And her apparel range is to die for. Honestly i’ve been wearing her clothes since last friday. I’m of course going to show you more photos off that! but the second last photo is a little sneak peek! Bikinis are out now, and in a few weeks so will the clothes be. Check it out here! I’m wearing a S on top and M on bottoms in these pieces x

// För en vecka sedan fotade jag för ett av mina favorit märken, någonsin! Burrows & Co. Så självklart ville jag visa er några bilder. Jag har ännu mer att lägga ut! Hennes nya bikinis är så sköna och har fina mönster och färger. Lovar att det finns en som alla gillar! I denna kollektionen lanserar hon även kläder, och dom är verkligen to die for. Jag har på riktigt haft på mig dom sedan förra fredagen. Självklart ska jag visa mer bilder på det! Men på näst sista bilden ser ni en liten sneak peek. Bikinierna finns ute nu, och om några veckor kommer även kläderna gå att köpa. Kolla in hennes hemsida här! Jag har S på toppen och M på underdelen x

7:28 | November 21, 2016

Coming soon..


Sneak peek of part 2 of our work for Bali Boat Shed.. whole editorial coming this afternoon, same for the collection! Yay x

15:37 | November 19, 2016



What a day!! We got picked up at 6:30 to head to Uluwatu for a full day of shooting. We got finished around 6 in the afternoon. Am I tired? yes! I shot with the wonderful Shihfen (who also makes the headties that I constantly wear!!) for Narlaka, and the team was the kindest. It’s been a hectic day, but also such a fun one filled with lots of laughter! You will see more of the backstage stuff very soon, something fun is coming up here! But for now – a few shots by Rasmus took of me in action x

//Åh vilken fullspäckad dag! Vi blev upphämtade halv sju på morgonen för att åka ner till Uluwatu för att fota. Vi blev klara runt 6 på eftermiddagen, så gissa om jag är trött! Jag fotade tillsammans med goaste Shihfen (som också gör alla hårband jag hela tiden har på mig!!) för Narlaka, och alla involverade var fantastiska. Men det har minst sagt varit en väldigt intensiv dag, men också en väldigt rolig dag fylld med massa skratt! Ni kommer få se mer backstage snart, någonting roligt kommer komma snart! men tills dess får ni dessa, tagna av min Rasmus x

11:41 | October 27, 2016

something new you guys will love


It’s almost the weekend babes! And i’m so excited, everything is getting closer. And the closer everything gets, the more fun it will be for you guys. Not only will my blog be filled with travels post, it will also still have the outfits, the inspiration and something new that I think you guys will absolutely love! Time for me to prepare for everything.. starting now! x

// Nu är det nästan helg! Och jag är så taggad, för nu börjat allting närma sig. Och när allting börjar närma sig kommer det också bli roligare för er. Min blogg kommer innehålla massa reseinlägg, men jag kommer självklart ha kvar outfits och inspiration. Det bästa? någonting nytt kommer smyga sig in som jag tror ni kommer älska! Dags att börja förbereda mig inför allt.. starting now! x

Shot for Coco and Rae Swim by Angie

11:35 | October 22, 2016

Fått hem mina personliga produkter från Photomic.com


I samarbete med Photomic

So you guys know I love everything that has to do with photos, and I love bringing them to life. So i’m super glad I got the chance to get a personalized canvas plate from Photomic.com for my room! Ahh, I love it. I chose the biggest one 70×100 and it turned out amazing. It was such a easy process as well. I just choose the photo I wanted, cropped it a little bit and viola a few weeks later it’s in my room! All you have to do is press here then under the tab “egna bilder” you do the picking. There is everything from normal printed photos to magnets.

Ni vet ju att jag älskar allt som har med bilder att göra, och det är en speciell känsla när jag får hålla bilderna i handen. Så när jag fick erbjudandet att testa Photomic.com nya tjänst “fotobutiken” blev jag så glad. Jag valde att göra en personlig canvastavla, den största storleken 70×100 och den blev helt magisk! Processen var super enkel, jag gick in på Photomic.com, tryckte på fliken egna bilder och valde canvastavla. Man kan göra allt ifrån magneter till att skriva ut vanliga bilder.

Produkterna är alltså från www.photomic.com och du hittar allting under fliken “Egna bilder” – eller HÄR

9:24 | October 13, 2016

Rooftop morning


From yesterday morning in Gooseberry intimates. Internet is not on my side, at all.. and i'm fighting to get up posts. Hopefully you understand and have patience with me! And when I get home there will be alot of goodies from this trip! x

Från gårdagens morgon i Gooseberry Intimates. Internet är verkligen inte på min sida och jag kämpar med att rå upp inlägg. Förhoppningsvis förstår ni och har tålamod med mig! Och när jag kommer hem, då kommer det komma upp massa godbitar från denna resan! x