9:38 | September 15, 2016



I have a lot of exciting things ahead of me, which feels pretty amazing. First off, I have my trip to Mykonos. I’m going on sunday with Angelica and another girl. Last time I was in Mykonos it looked something like this..

This trip will be filled with loads of inspiration, shooting, and relaxing. It will be so fun to go with Angelica who’s a photographer, and we have the exact same style which is SO exciting. I can’t wait for four days of just gathering material and inspiration.

So to summarize this, my blog will soon be filled with loads of inspiration and travel posts. Just the way I like it.And on friday me and my boyfriend are booking our tickets for…. BALI! which is a dream destination for me, so i’m so stoked. We haven’t decided just for how long we will stay in Bali, because after we will be going to Australia, to stay for a longer while. I’m so excited, there is nothing better than traveling the world with my best friend and boyfriend. And of course i’ll keep you guys updated on this trip, it’s all a bit fuzzy right now. But as soon as we have booked the tickets and planned a little bit more, i’ll tell you all about it!

Jag har så mycket roliga saker att se fram emot nu inom en snar framtid. Först ska jag till Mykonos på söndag. En resa som kommer fyllas med massa inspiration och material, är så himla taggad. Och på fredag bokar jag och min pojkvän till Bali! så himla kul. Vi har inte bestämt oss hur länge vi ska vara där än, för efteråt ska vi till Australien. Men lovar att dela med mig av mina planer när vi bestämt mer. Jag i en nötskal, tar allt som det kommer! Så himla förväntansfull. Så kort och gott kommer min blogg fyllas med massor av inspiration och resor framför, precis som jag gillar det! x

21:57 | September 11, 2016

BUY MY CLOSET this week!


Get your calendars out and mark down this Wednesday, the 14th – time 19-21. I’ll be selling a lot of my barely used clothes for a good price. While Michela at Lavendettaclothing will have a sale of her own, brands like One Teaspoon, Jeffrey Campbell, For love and lemons och Steve Madden will be 50% off. Uhm, dreamy? YES! So come and join me, I promise you won’t regret it! And for everyone living far away, i’m so sorry. I’ll promise i’ll try to make it up to you!

Ta ur era kalendrar och skriv ner denna onsdagen, den 14e klockan 19-21. Jag kommer ha en liten loppis, säljer så mycket fina helt oanvända kläder för ett bra pris. Medan Michela på Lavendettaclothing kommer ha en rea på hennes kläder i affären. Märken som One Teaspoon, Jeffrey Campbell, For love and lemons och Steve Madden. 50% på utvalda produkter ifrån dessa märken, hur drömmigt!? Så kom förbi och gör mig sällskap. Jag lovar att du inte kommer ångra dig! Och för er som bor långt ifrån, förlåt! Adressen är Västerlånggatan 30-32 i Borås. Jag kommer påminna er om detta i veckan, och visa lite sneak peaks på vad som kommer att reas ut!

9:19 | August 31, 2016

dramatic top + vintage jeans


I love matching this bell sleeve shirt with a par of vintage high waisted jeans, it gives it a bit more edge. And my babies on my feet from a small store in Martinique. Seriously, the most comfy shoes.. EVER!

Do you like these so called “mom jeans”? haha, I personally love that style. It’s so fun to combine them in outfits! x

12:11 | August 30, 2016

Sneak peak in my room


So after my closet clean out I realized I need more space, my closet is still full.. So I worked it out. It’s not optional, I didn’t have time to buy a new rail so I took a old one, and same for the hangers. But it feel so much cleaner now. Haha You should have seen the inside of my closet before..

So the next problem, make sure it looks good – for me, I can’t have the clothes hanging in mixed colors looking messy, makes me pretty nervous. SO, color coordinating, for the most part.

On my wall I have my favorite lace pieces from Gooseberry and my favorite hat. Oh and some memories as well. Pictures of me and my man. And some meaningful cards from friends. Next to my bed I have my wooden boxes that go both on the wall and floor. Now they’re on the floor, packed with all my belongings.

And a snap of two of my favorite shoes, simple and comfy. The pink ones from Lamoda and the beige ones from a cute little store in Martinique.

17:00 | August 29, 2016

fluffy dream


Another piece from the na-kd x beatrix collection is this fluffy blue jacket. Perfectly paired with another blue shade. Then I decided to break off the matching with the black heels, also from the beatrix collection. What do you think about this jacket? x

15:58 | August 29, 2016

Monday motivation


Don’t think about what can happen in a month. Don’t think about what can happen in a year. Just focus on the twenty-four hours in front of you and do what you can to get closer to where you want to be.

5 things to do before you get out of bed

1. Express gratitude

2. Set your intentions for the day

3. Take five long deep breaths in & out

4. Smile for no reason just flex the muscle

5. Forgive yourself for yesterdays mistakes

Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.

>The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates<

You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

20:31 | August 28, 2016



Loves, I have a little question for you – I cleaned my wardrobe today and realized I have ALOT to sell. And to much for me to put on the internet, you know with taking pictures – putting them up – sending the package off. That’s a full time job right there. So for everyone in Sweden, and near where I live (Borås) would you be interested in a little bloppis? it’s everything from jeans to bikinis. Tell me!! x

Jag har en liten fråga till er – Jag städade min garderob idag och insåg att jag har MYCKET att sälja. Och för mycket för mig att lägga ut på internet, ni vet med att ta bilder – lägga upp dom – skicka iväg paketen. Det är ett heltidsjobb. So för alla i sverige, och som bor nära mig (Borås) hade ni varit intresserade av en liten bloppis? det är allt ifrån jeans till bikinis. Och mycket som jag knappt använt! Tell me! x

17:43 | August 26, 2016

GIRL POWER and the lack of it


Okay, so it’s time to get both personal and real. I’ve had some bad encounters from people who were supposed to be my friends since I started this journey. And if I put it like this, when I get rude or mean comments from people who don’t know me and never met me, I usually don’t get sad. It’s their problem. I always think, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. But some people can’t keep their opinions to themselves. But when people who I think are my friends, you know people that you’ve gone to school with. Always chat with when you meet them. You know those kinds of people. When they go behind your back it stings. Yesterday I found out that two people who i’ve always liked and that I thought I was friends with made fun of me on their private instagram. They thought it would never get out. And they make fun of themselves there, which is the same thing right? NO. To make fun of yourself is so different from making fun of someone else. It can’t even be compared. Please, remember that. The whole story is not important but what I want to talk about is GIRL POWER. Which these people are lacking.

Girls, it’s time we stand together. Not push each other down. If someone you know, or someone you follow does a good job or achieves something, applaud them. Don’t let that energy “people are not aloud to stick out and achieve things” take over. Why is it that some people just can’t be happy for others? I’ve had this encounter, when people make fun of me happen before. And it’s just so tiring. Don’t make fun of me behind my back. Don’t ever make fun of anyone. It’s not cool. And let’s say you and your friend both want the same job and she gets it and not you, instead of getting jealous or mad – celebrate it! We can’t push each other down and hate on each other. Be happy for one another! We need to defend each other. Give each other pep talk and strength. Seriously! Don’t ever let jealousy turn into hate, it’s a ugly side. I saw a quote yesterday and it’s just perfect. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”. AMEN to that.

Let’s make a promise, when someone does something good, even if it’s just a work out – give them a high five. And in the future, we girls always need to stick together. We’re a team. And a pretty good one as well! x

18:35 | August 25, 2016



I’ve had the same iPhone case for a while now, and to be honest after my travels it’s pretty beaten up. So was so glad when I saw these cases from Richmond and Finch, I just knew I had to have it. I have it in orange and also in black. Love to play around and change it depending on what outfit i’m wearing,. If you use the code matildadjerf20 you can get 20% off on their website, here!

photos: @emeliewigert