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11:56 | August 28, 2016

Fall vibes

Feeling the fall vibes with this outfit. The coat is fro NA-KD x BEATRIX as well as the shoes. And my jeans are from zara. I liked the combination black with brown, i’ve always been a little hesitant with that but this really worked. Do you guys like it? x 

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19:55 | August 27, 2016

Indian summer

What a nice surprise with a little sun! I enjoyed it to 100% today at the beach. Which is also why the blog has been lacking new posts. But here is my outfit from yesterday (and today to be honest). This playsuit is crazy comfy and cute. From Toby Heart Ginger. It's for sure my new go-to piece! x

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22:26 | August 26, 2016


Definitely feel like a princess in this skirt. It’s from a cool new collection NA-KD is launching next week with an Italian girlie named Beatrice Valli. I’ve been shooting in the clothes the last two days, and they’re definitely something to keep your eyes open for! And the shoes, makes me feel so hot. Honestly, haha just feel like I can conquer the world in them! So remember next week you can get your hands on these beauties. And sign up to their newsletter here to keep track! x

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22:07 | August 26, 2016


Sneak peak of my new favorite.. More to come tomorrow! x

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17:43 | August 26, 2016

GIRL POWER and the lack of it

Okay, so it’s time to get both personal and real. I’ve had some bad encounters from people who were supposed to be my friends since I started this journey. And if I put it like this, when I get rude or mean comments from people who don’t know me and never met me, I usually don’t get sad. It’s their problem. I always think, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. But some people can’t keep their opinions to themselves. But when people who I think are my friends, you know people that you’ve gone to school with. Always chat with when you meet them. You know those kinds of people. When they go behind your back it stings. Yesterday I found out that two people who i’ve always liked and that I thought I was friends with made fun of me on their private instagram. They thought it would never get out. And they make fun of themselves there, which is the same thing right? NO. To make fun of yourself is so different from making fun of someone else. It can’t even be compared. Please, remember that. The whole story is not important but what I want to talk about is GIRL POWER. Which these people are lacking.

Girls, it’s time we stand together. Not push each other down. If someone you know, or someone you follow does a good job or achieves something, applaud them. Don’t let that energy “people are not aloud to stick out and achieve things” take over. Why is it that some people just can’t be happy for others? I’ve had this encounter, when people make fun of me happen before. And it’s just so tiring. Don’t make fun of me behind my back. Don’t ever make fun of anyone. It’s not cool. And let’s say you and your friend both want the same job and she gets it and not you, instead of getting jealous or mad – celebrate it! We can’t push each other down and hate on each other. Be happy for one another! We need to defend each other. Give each other pep talk and strength. Seriously! Don’t ever let jealousy turn into hate, it’s a ugly side. I saw a quote yesterday and it’s just perfect. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”. AMEN to that.

Let’s make a promise, when someone does something good, even if it’s just a work out – give them a high five. And in the future, we girls always need to stick together. We’re a team. And a pretty good one as well! x

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08:50 | August 26, 2016

Palm shade

I’m pretty obsessed with these photos to be honest. Am I aloud to be obsessed with photos of myself? Haha. I just love the dress with this location. I have more to show you but let’s start with these! I would love to hear what you guys think! x 

Photos: @emeliewigert 

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18:35 | August 25, 2016


I’ve had the same iPhone case for a while now, and to be honest after my travels it’s pretty beaten up. So was so glad when I saw these cases from Richmond and Finch, I just knew I had to have it. I have it in orange and also in black. Love to play around and change it depending on what outfit i’m wearing,. If you use the code matildadjerf20 you can get 20% off on their website, here!

photos: @emeliewigert

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17:38 | August 25, 2016


So the day started with a sweaty buss ride to Gothenburg, where I met up the absolutely wonderful @emeliewigert what a girl!! we hade a little photo date today and i’m so satisfied with all the photos. The location was just perfect. I love palm trees so this was literally heaven for me, in sweden!?

And here we have my new found friend @emeliewigert. You know it’s so funny when you meet someone for the first time and it just feels so right and fun. That’s what it felt like with this girlie!

After a lot of photos, we went for lunch at JOS. The food is so yummy and the girls who work there are adorable.

And now i’m sitting on my balcony enjoying the heat and working. In a couple of hours i’m going to the gym to try a new class, pretty nervous haha! I heard it’s so tough. Think of me 7:30!! x

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11:11 | August 25, 2016


Sneak peak..

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11:11 | August 25, 2016

That time of the day..

​When all I can think about is my next trip. I have some exciting things ahead of me, and i’ll tell you all about it soon. But for now I just want to ask you guys a question – Do you forgive me for not sharing that much from my daily life? I’m starting with that now. My days have just been so hectic since I got back from my trips in July so I have forgotten all about taking photos of my everyday life. Changing that now though and i’ll be sharing my exciting plans very soon! x

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