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10:04 | March 11, 2017



Frequently asked questions what up! Thought I would write a little post answering the most common questions that I get. I feel like these are the most common ones, if you want to know something else – of course just comment!

What do you work with? I work with my social media full time, honestly more than full time. You know sitting in an office 8-4 is the “usual” work hours in Sweden, but I work more. Which you guys probably didn’t know, it’s not easy to know just reading my blog or instagram. Here in Australia I also do some modeling gigs, which means I get booked as a model for a shoot. Pretty simple! And I absolutely love my job. I can work from wherever, as long as I have good internet.

How do you get so tan? ah guys I wish I had a better answer. I actually hate tanning. When we go to the beach I can lay in the sun for 10 minutes then i’m done. Then I go into the shade again. But we do shoot a lot in the sun which gives me a solid tan. Sunscreen is important though, you all know that right? i’ll have to thank my dad for my skin color!

Do you use fake tan or tanning oil? No and no. When i’ve been in Sweden for a long period of time and haven’t seen the sun in ages i’ve tried a fake tan. I think it was a brand called Marc Inbane? which I was very happy with but didn’t use often. More like if I was doing something special and wanted to feel extra pretty, and then only in my face since I don’t use make up. Now a days, no – no fake tan. Tanning oil? nope, since I don’t really tan I never use it. But on rare occasions (like a few days before I head back home to sweden) I could absolutely use a tanning oil, and then I would use Bali Bodys which I know is good and has sunscreen in it. TIPS: put sun screen on first and then tanning oil.

Where do you edit your photos? I edit all of my photos in lightroom. In lightroom you can buy presets if you don’t want to “make” your own. You can also play around a lot with colors, it’s so much fun! For some photos I use VSCO, locations, flatlys etc. My favorite filters are the A-ones and the J-ones. Like the one above is J2 in Vsco, I think..

How can you afford travel so much? I have been working since I was about 15, and i’ve always been good at saving, kind of.. not really saving maybe haha but i’ve always managed to get enough money in time to travel. You get what I mean? I don’t shop too much, I don’t drink alcohol which saves plenty of money actually. And when traveling me and my boyfriend try to cook food at home as much as we can. And Airbnb is life!

Have you moved from Sweden or are you just out traveling? Sweden is at the moment still my base. I go back to land, unpack and breathe before I head off again. My plan right now is to head back to Sweden and be there for maybe two weeks and then travel to somewhere in Europe for two weeks before I go back to Sweden again. Then in June i’m off to California. After California I don’t have an actual plan right now, i’ll see what happens this summer. What I do know is that I want to enjoy swedish summer as well. So beautiful! I kind of love not having a plan, since i’m so intense and spontaneous. I mean I don’t know now, in march – where I want to travel in July!? How can I know that!! haha. That’s me in a nut shell, always last minute.

21 kommentarer

21 kommentarer om “FAQ AND MY ANSWERS!”

    It’s good that you don’t drink, it’s like the root of all my problems, don’t start, it ain’t worth it


    One Q – what’s the secret behind how you treat your hair? It looks so nice even though you’re alot in the sun and sea!! Also I love your feed, makes me want to travel and see more of the world. Keep up the good work!


    Vart har du köpt det jättefina halsbandet som du har på typ alla bilder? det med en måne och jag tror små stjärnor?? Och tips på vart man hittar balklänningar?? ?)


    I try to do hair treatments once in a while, you know the deep conditioner ones. I also never use heat on my hair anymore which really made such a huge difference. Always wash out the salt water and pool water after i’ve been in it. And only use shampoo twice a week! Thank you so much love, that makes me so happy!! xx


    Hi there. I was wondering if you color your hair or if it’s natural? I have been trying for so long to find a technique to add blonde that looks as natural as possible. Please let me know if you have any tips. Thanks!


    Hi!! I absolutely adore your instagram aesthetic. I’ve read on your blog that you use the vsco filter J2! Do you use that for all your photos? Also you mentioned using lightroom filters. Which ones do you use? Sorry for so many questions!! xx


    I wish you would share what self tanner or spray that you use. Or do you have naturally black hair? I’m fair haired and like all other blondes, I don’t naturally have dark brown skin. It’s just your skin color looks too evenly coated the same exact tone that it doesn’t look natural. I would love to use it though as it’s not orange at all. Please share with everyone.


    It’s my natural skin colors which is why I can’t share with you what self tanner haha. I don’t use one. Thank you for the love


    Hi gorgeous, I was wondering how you maintain your hair so beautifully. When I have showers my hair takes ages to dry and by saying ages I mean hours so I always have to opp for the hairdryer or either leave my hair to dry for ages which eventually goes greasy. What do you suggest for showering – how often to shampoo, condition etc and also any tips for drying hair – good styles etc?
    Sending lots of love to you, love Chloe xxxxx


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