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15:37 | June 15, 2017

And we’re here!

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FINALLY here! The flight was an easy one and the weather is perfect. Couldn't be happier! Well maybe if I didn't wake up at 5 in the morning haha. Now we're heading down to to beach for a morning walk! Talk soon loves. PS. Find my dress HERE x

// äntligen här! Flyget var enkelt och vädret är perfekt. Kan inte bli bättre! Eller okej om jag inte vaknade klockan 5 på morgonen kanske, haha. Nu ska vi dra ner till stranden för en morgonpromenad. Hörs snart darlings! PS. Ni hittar min klänning HÄR!

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07:00 | June 14, 2017


Clearly I can’t be bothered to change the first photo, haha.. Like I said, my youtube is more personal so let’s just let it be! As you’re reading this i’m on my way to Cali, so I thought I would upload a little video for you guys! Hope you like it, talk soon xx

// Som jag har sagt, min youtube är lite mer personlig så jag låter första bilden vara haha! När ni läser detta är jag påväg till Cali, så jag tänkte att en liten video var mysig för er att kika på tills vi hörs när jag landat. Hoppas ni gillar den! Hörs snart xx

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18:53 | June 13, 2017


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Yesterday me and my photographer boyfriend took the car up to Stockholm for work. We had a shoot planned with a new clothing brand called Nala, and the photos turned out absolutely amazing! So excited to show you guys. I love the creative part behind a shoot, the directing, producing.. ah so much fun! And to be able to do it with my love is such a cool feeling. I wore this pretty little summer dress from Gina Tricot (collaboration) and I toughened it up a bit with a leather jacket and sneakers. Now i’m packing, uh.. i’m so bad at it. Tomorrow we are finally off to LA! Wohooo. Talk to you lovers later x

// Igår åkte jag och min fotograf pojkvän upp till Stockholm för jobb. Vi fotade ett nytt klädmärke som heter Nala, och bilderna blev helt amazing! Ska bli så kul att visa er. Älskar det kreativa bakom bilderna, stylingen, att producera hur allt ska vara osv.. åh så himla kul! och att få göra det med min kärlek är sån jäkla cool känsla! På mig hade jag denna fina lilla sommarklänningen från Gina Tricot (samarbete) jag gjorde den lite tuffare med en skinnjacka och sneakers. Nu ska jag packa klart, så dålig på det.. Imorgon åker vi ju äntligen till LA! tjohooo! Vi hörs senare älsklingar x

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08:12 | June 13, 2017


Full look later today.. x

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11:40 | June 12, 2017

Neutral tones

Love neutral tones.. xx (inlägget innehåller adlinks)

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21:33 | June 11, 2017

My relationship with food

“To see my stomach not be as big is worth going hungry for. I wanna see my ribcage, my collarbones and hip bones. I want people to tell me i’m too skinny. That I need to eat more. We will see what happens in a few months. But for now I can’t eat more than two small meals a day.. hoping for the best” 21 September 2011.

This is one of the things I wrote in my journal when I had a horrible relationship with food. It’s not something i’ve been really open with all the time, but it’s not something i’m ashamed of either. Why should I be. Eating disorders comes in so many forms, you don’t have to be just skin and bones to have an eating disorder. I wasn’t. It’s so common and also so important to talk about.

So that’s why I am now sharing this with you. I’m sharing my vulnerable side. And my insecurities. In the hopes that you guys will start talking to each other and me. Reading through my journal from 2011 it’s all bad. I was so sad, alone and felt worthless. I counted calories, I ran until my legs couldn’t hold me anymore. And I self harmed. It wasn’t the fact that people were mean to me in school, maybe part of it. But I just didn’t love myself. I didn’t understand how worthy I was of life. And how amazing I was. It took me years of crying and hating my body to get to where I am today. I thought everyone around me was a competition, even my own sister. If she didn’t eat pasta I couldn’t eat pasta. If my friend didn’t eat bread, I didn’t eat it. And it went on like this for a long, long time. Of course things in school caused my insecurity too, a substitute teacher called me a bitch in front of the whole class room. Other girls spit as I walked out the door. Eventually I went to a physiologist when my mom found my tumblr that was filled with skin and bones and encouragement to self harm, in every way possible. I can’t remember how long I talked to her, but I remember that I never felt like it helped. The only thing we talked about was my friends and my relationship with them. When the problem was rooted so deep inside of me. Everyone kept saying high school would be my years. Where I would fit in. It was definitely better but 2013 was still a year filled with tears and self hate. But it was also where things changed for me.

” .. Today I am far away from loving my body 100% (will that day ever come?) and I still fall back into that pattern, but today I resist. Today I know that I am so much more than just my body. Even though I still doubt myself sometimes I now know that I am enough. No matter what size my body is or if my hip bones are visible or not. Today I am applauding myself. Because today i’m not hurting myself anymore, or hating myself or my body. Today i’m thanking my body and my heart. Because I always keep fighting. I keep loving and i’m proud of my scars. Never give up, Matilda”

It is now 2017 and I can still feel insecurities, sometimes my stomach feels bloated, I feel like my arms are mushy. But then I remind myself that I am so much more than my body. I am my personality, my passions, my family. I am everything but my body. My body is a shell but it is whats on the inside that, at the end of the day makes me who I am. I still remember how many calories an egg has, or a glas of milk. I’ve learnt that food is something the body needs, it is energy and it is love. It is something you need to survive! For me going out for a walk helps me when i’m stressed or when i’m sad. Before I would take it out on myself, now I go out in the nature and remind myself that I am absolutely perfect, in my own way. And that i’m inspiring others to accept themselves and to love themselves. And that for me, is everything I need.

Things that have helped me

x Being surrounded by positive and loving people. No matter what you are going through, down falls or success you need people around you who believe in you and who support you. I’ve learnt the hard way that some people are bad vibes, and you never want bad vibes in your life. ALWAYS good vibes. Surround yourself with good people who spread positivity.

x Don’t be afraid to talk. You should never be ashamed of what you’re feeling or what going on inside your head. Talk to your friends, your family. It’s important and it will help both you and the ones around you. And if you ever feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, message me.

x Learn that food is something that is vital for your body and your mind. Food = love. It’s something social and yummy. Wheat won’t make you fat. Chocolate won’t make you fat. Dairy won’t make you fat.

x Learn what works for you! Everyone is different. Food works in different ways for people. For example, my tummy is really sensitive. So I can’t eat too much of a few different things. While my friend can eat that food in big portions. Don’t stress about it, we are all different.. and that takes me to the next thing.

x Don’t compare yourself to other people! We are all built and shaped different. Which is amazing! That’s what makes us unique.

x Love yourself. Your body needs to be fueled with love and positivity. Learn to love the things you usually worry about. Applaud yourself when something goes well. And applaud yourself for always fighting and moving forward. Every step forward is a step in the right direction, an accomplishment. And accomplishments need to be celebrated!

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16:50 | June 11, 2017


Matilda x Ete Swimwear

I samarbete med Ete Swimwear

Angelica Top & January Bottoms


Matilda Top & April Bottoms


Amanda One Piece

x White x

So excited that my collection for Ete Swimwear is re-stocking TOMORROW! Soft, comfortable and flattering bikinis that fits perfectly with summer. Oh and supportive tops! So important. I wear a size M! And you will be able to purchase them HERE ! x

// Så taggad att min kollektion för Ete Swimwear fylls på med alla storlekar IMORGON! Mjuka, bekväma och smickrande bikinis som passar perfekt tillsammans med sommaren. Åh, och topparna ger stöd till alla meloner! Så viktigt. Jag har storlek M i allt! Ni kan köpa er bikini HÄR ! x

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10:01 | June 11, 2017


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Hey lovers! Like I told you yesterday I went to a big graduation party last night, and this is what I wore. The dress is in the prettiest gold color and over I wore my new favorite blazer, honestly it’s one of those pieces that just work with everything! I love wearing it with dresses, short and long. And with jeans! The perfect piece for summer time. Now i’m going to rest a little, Talk later x

// Hej darlings! Igår var jag ju på examensfirande och detta är vad jag hade på mig. Klänningen är så fin i guld, jag älskar ju guld. Och över hade jag på mig min nya favorit kavaj, det är ett sånt plagg som funkar till allt. Jag älskar att ha på mig den till klänningar, korta som långa. Och till jeans! Perfekta plagget för sommaren. Nu ska jag vila lite framför ett avsnitt, hörs sen! x

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09:51 | June 10, 2017



Todays plans

x Start packing

x Buy weekend flowers

x Decide on what to wear tonight

x Pre-drinks

x Graduation party

In collaboration with Rough Studios & Posse

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10:30 | June 9, 2017


Happy friday! Something different from Bali, totally forgot that I had these photos. I shot with Glen one day and this is the result. It’s a bit different from what I usually post, at least when it comes to the editing. Hope you guys like it! Today I have to work and then i’ll be ready for a weekend with my friends. I almost went up to Stockholm to attend Summerburst but decided not to. I will have to spend part of my weekend packing for our trip, oh I suck at packing haha.. what are your weekend plans? x

// Äntligen fredag! Jag hade totalt glömt av att jag hade dessa bilder från Bali. Jag fotade med Glen en dag och detta blev resultatet. Lite annorlunda från vad jag brukar köra, i alla fall redigeringen. Jag hoppas ni gillar det! Idag måste jag ta tag i lite jobb innan jag kan göra mig redo för en helg med vänner. Jag var nära på att åka upp till Stockholm för att gå på Summerburst men ändrade mig ändå och kände att en helg hemma var mer aktuellt. Har saker planerade och jag måste packa inför resan. Gud, jag är så dålig på att packa haha.. Vad är era planer i helgen? x

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