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07:00 | July 17, 2017


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I get a lot of questions daily about my favorites products, especially what I use for my hair & skin so I thought I would share it with you.


I don’t use that many products for my hair, not anymore. I wash it with a shampoo & conditioner from Pureology. I personally love it because they are all about sustainability. No animal ingredients are used in making the products and the finished products are not tested on animals. SO IMPORTANT! They smell delicious and leave my hair feeling really soft and nice. SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER (Click to get to the ones I use).

After I shower I use an Argan Oil from Maria Nila , Click HERE to see which one I use. This as well is in the category of Sustainable beauty, so 100% Vegan + Sulphate & Paraben free. And it smells amazing, it was super easy for me to comb through my hair as well which is a HUGE plus. Feels silky smooth after!

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I am super excited to try it. It’s a salt cream from Maria Nila and it’s supposed to leave your hair feeling beachy! Has anyone tried it!?


Since I never use make up I haven’t really taken care of my face, not good! So I recently changed that. Now a days I wash my face, put a serum on it and then moisturize it. It really does make such a difference! I use products from a swedish brand called Estelle & Thild that is certified organic. Double yay!

I first clean my face with a cleansing milk. When I did a facial a few months back the girl told me a cleansing milk was a good option for my skin. Get the one I use HERE. I then use a serum that leaves my skin feeling energized and leaves my skin with a new lust. Get it HERE . And then I use a day lotion and i’m good to go. Get it HERE! I really like Estelle & Thild as it smells good and has no funny stuff in it. Which really works for my skin!

And my lipstick, you guys absolutely love it. Which makes me so happy because I adore it, haha. It’s from Bobbi Brown called Luxe Lip color shade 4 – Mod.

I also want to tell you about my favorite website to order beauty products in Sweden, Nordic Feel. Especially for the fact that they have a category called “Sustainable Beauty” which makes it so easy to find good products that are organic! How amazing!?

I think this is everything, if you have any other question let me know and i’ll sort it out! And for you swedish readers, I hope it’s okay that this post is in english.. please forgive me! Sitting with a bag to pack, job to sort out and food to eat. Hopefully you all understand <3 Love!! x

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  • Woukd you share your preset filter Matilda xx

  • Takk ? Jeg elsker Estelle & Child

  • Så fin du är!

  • Yayyyy thanks for sharing !! Beachy hair is everything!!

  • Tack för att du delar med dig! Älskar också Maria nila, har dock inte testat det där salt cream, men jag ÄLSKAR beachy hair så om någon annan tycker den är bra kanske man borde prova. ? Jag undrar också om du skulle kunna sätta ihop ett inlägg med “dupes” för dina parade eyewear solisar. För jag älskar verkligen modellen men med studiebidrags-budget så kan jag inte riktigt köpa dem. Kram! <3

  • Hi! Can you share what hair ties you use? I have super thick hair, and the really thick one I’ve seen in some of your videos looks like it does a great job of holding your hair back without snagging!

  • Hi love! I just use any hair ties laying around to be honest… sometimes I just tie a scarf around my hair! x