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10:59 | December 23, 2017

JANUARY – MAY 2017 highlights

January 2017, I remember taking the scooter to our favorite café in Bali – Cafe Organic owned by my one of a kind friend Jenna. We ate the french toast and talked about the possibilities of 2017. January was a month of relaxation and a lot of shooting. We would drive to my favorite wall every day to shoot outfit posts, haha. And then we shot some photos for different brands. We also went to Nusa Lembongan for a few days of vacay away from Bali.

February was the last month for us in Bali. We spent it shooting, taking it all in and café hopping. How thankful am I for our months in Bali and everything we experienced. It was the best three months. We then took the flight to Australia, in December 2016 we visited Perth, but this time it was the other side of Australia. Our first stop was Noosa. We walked around, explored, spent time at the beach.. and enjoyed the fresh air.

March, what a month! I celebrated reaching 100k on instagram (LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!). We traveled further down Australia. Shot with different brands. Layed in the sun. Stayed at 28 degrees byron bay, which is my favorite hotel in all of Australia. It was simply just a very amazing month with a lot of different activities and happenings.


April.. April, April. THIS was a month for the books. WOW. We celebrated my 20th birthday in Sydney. And then a few days later we said goodbye to Australia and to our 6 month trip. Which was very bitter sweet. We were both ready to go home but so sad to leave everything behind. I’m such a family person so coming home to them was amazing, and to my baby mev. The biggest happening for me in April was the announcement of my own designed bikini collection for Eye Swimwear!! Such a pinch me moment.

And then came May. Me and Rasmus traveled to Nice where I also did a live when my collection launched. That day will forever be one of my favorites. I was just so overwhelmed with love and positivity, and I was so grateful. Back to Sweden and it slowly started to feel like summer. Everything bloomed. Me and Rasmus went to Falkenberg Strandbad and ate a yummy dinner and had a spa day. And then me and mom went on a girls weekend to Mallorca, I love going on trips with my mom. It’s something we’ve done for such a long time, almost like a little tradition. Hopefully that never ends!

Rest of 2017 coming soon.. <3 

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4 kommentarer om “JANUARY – MAY 2017 highlights”

    Gud vilka fina bilder!! Du verkligen otroligt duktig på redigera, får man fråga vilken kamera du använder och med vilket program du redigerar dina bilder?


    Åh tack snälla <3 jag använder mig utav min mobil och en canon 5d mark lll och redigerar i lightroom. Fotar jag med mobilen redigerar jag inte bilderna utan fixar lite bara med mobilen x


    Wow wow wow! Such a beautiful post!!!! I wish I could do a long trip too… your post gave gave me a warm Summer feeling..Thank you so much! Cant wait for the next post. much Love.. Julia xxx


    thank you so so much little angel!! this comment made me SOOO happy <3 xxx


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