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14:30 | December 26, 2017


In June me and my family went to California, 10 days of pure vacation and relaxation. We did a quick visit to Palm Springs which was the first time, it was so hot that day.. I can still feel it haha. Other than Cali in June I spent some time in Sweden. Took a day trip with my girls, spent some time at Grötö and just enjoyed myself. Nothing beats Swedish summer.

And then came July. I went to Italy for a shoot with James Smith the label. Which was amazing! It was my first time in Positano, we also went to Ischia. The biggest thing that happened in July was that I cut bangs, haha. I can’t tell you how many messages I get everyday from girls who tell me they cut bangs because of me. Even hairdressers all over the world tell me they cut “the matilda bangs”. So crazy!!! <3 <3 <3

August was quite the month! We first went to Paris to shoot a campaign for Nancy King. It was my first time and I fell in love, hard. Let’s just leave it there. We had a few days here and there in Sweden as well, those were spent at our summer place. Me and Rasmus then went to Ibiza for a vacation, and to shoot my new swimsuits in colors gold & black. I was home for three days and then took the plane to Stockholm to shoot my first ever campaign with Nelly, which was so much fun!! You can see the results here. Home for two days and then we went to Mallorca for yacht week, not really my thing but a fun experience. August was definitely a packed month, feels like I live half my life at the airport.

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6 kommentarer om “SUMMER 17 HIGHLIGHTS”

    Okej, jag vill först krypa in i din garderob och sno massa kläder! 😮 Sen måste jag tillägga att du är så galet, naturligt vacker! 😮


    Where is the white dress from? (on the photo where you have the striped sandals).

    You look really good!!


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