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09:25 | January 5, 2018


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Jag har ju sagt att jag skulle dela med mig av lite favoriter som jag visste skulle komma in på Nelly.. äntligen har några kommit in som jag spanade lite extra på! Vilken är er favorit? x

// I told you guys that I would share a few favorite pieces that I new would come in at Nelly.. and finally they have! These are a few that I had my eyes on. Which one is your favorite? x 

Tommy Hilfiger set – PANTS // SWEATSHIRT

How cool is this set? I want to buy it and have it when I travel. I love being comfortable when I fly but also look cute hehe.

Flower setBLAZER // PANTS Chequered setBLAZER // PANTS

And sets.. best thing ever invented! It’s so stylish and easy. These are two of my favorite. One is more daring and the other more safe, but amazing.

T-SHIRT // Pink sweatshirt // Grey sweatshirt 

A few colourful and simple pieces from Tommy jeans, looooove these. Do I need to explain why?

Pink sweatshirt // Red pants // Flower dress // Pink skirt

& a few other colourful pieces that I think look amazing. The pink sweatshirt is honestly the softest thing i’ve ever worn. Do you like posts like these? 

6 kommentarer

6 kommentarer om “IN LOVE”

    Your pics are so so beautiful ! But I LOVE posts like your street- and personal style. your favourite decor etc….I love it, when Rasmus take pics of you the most… It’s so real and beautiful.


    Hi hun! Thank you for the love <3 those are some of my favorites as well.. but I love mixing it! Hope your day is amazing x


    …and I love all your posts really!!!!!
    You are my biggest inspo ❤️?❤️?❤️THANK YOU


    Alt er kjempefint!! Og du er så fin og flink Matilda <3
    Lurer på de hvite jeansene du har på sammen med den gule tommy t-shirten, er disse også fra nelly?
    klem <3


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