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20:24 | April 27, 2018

5 reminders to boost your self confidence

Self love &  self acceptance are two words that have such powerful meaning, and words that are very complicated. I feel like I need to talk about this more. And from now on I will. I try to talk about it as often as I can. But I can get better at it. A lot of you ask if I can share tips on how to feel more confident, and here’s a few things that I do.

x Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Being comfortable is essential if I want to feel confident. It might seem silly but when I wear things I don’t feel comfortable in I always feel less pretty. Feeling comfortable is such an easy way to feeling more confident.

x Swap the negative words with positive ones. It’s easy to right away let negative words take over. Ok, so my body wants to give up and I can’t run the last 10 minutes, i’m so tired, I can’t do this. I change a few words in this sentence and tell myself that “my body CAN do this. I’m not tired”. Tricking my mind and telling myself that i’m not tired actually helps me. It’s just about swapping the negative words with positive ones. I do the same thing when I have important meetings, I tell myself you can do this, you’re more than enough and you can give them everything they want, and more. 

x Set a small goal and then achieve it. Just to really boost that confidence. A simple goal like cooking a new meal for dinner, lifting a heavier weight at the gym, drinking more water. Set small goals for a week and once you’ve accomplished them you will have to applaud yourself. Really simple but it does a lot for the confidence, just seeing that you can do what you set your mind to. Once you’ve accomplished smaller goals you will be ready to move on to bigger ones.

x Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. You have to, and I mean have to – be aware of how you speak to yourself. Start thinking about it, and when you let your mind say something negative about yourself – grab a hold of that thought (well not literally haha) and think to yourself “would I say this to my best friend?” the answer is probably NO – now rephrase the thing you were about to say into something positive, that you would say to your best friend.

x Compliment yourself. Self love isn’t selfish – it’s important. Before you go out and take the world by storm.. give yourself a compliment. Anything from “my hair is pretty today” to “wow, I cooked a really good breakfast” to “yes, I woke up in time today, good work!”. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to encourage positive thinking. It’s a small and very important step on the road to self acceptance.

I hope this helps someone, it’s just small things that have helped me <3 love you all x

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  • This actually helps a lot! Thank you! I’ll borrow this for my own blog. <3

  • Heii Matilda
    Do you know where I can buy your dress from Silk Laundry in Europe, I´m scared to buy on there website because of all the extra taxes 🙂

  • Very strange that you are promoting all body types but only design dresses for a L.. Why dident you have an XL?

  • How is that strange? It’s not MY brand, so unfortunately that’s out of my hands. Just because this brand doesn’t have XL doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t do something to help girls out there. Would you rather me do absolutely nothing? I think not. We can’t all do EVERYTHING, but we can all do our part – big or small actions. Hugs x

  • Muy lindo mensaje ??