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08:41 | October 15, 2018

Daily reminder:

It just sucks: we are already shown so many messed up things in media. Like “how to lose ten pounds in a week”. You influence people you hang out with. Stop talking about carbs like it’s the most dangerous thing in the world. Like eating a plate of pasta will automatically make you gain 10 pounds. Stop talking about yourself in a negative way around your friends. How many of you have sat around a table with your friends where you’ve all said something like “my stomach looks huge in these pants”. And then it’s like a bad cycle so everyone says something negative about themselves. CHANGE THAT. Sit around that exact same table and say something positive instead, like “I feel super pretty in this dress”. Stop shaming people for what they eat. Healthy or unhealthy. Stop commenting on other people’s bodies all the time. Can’t we all just start focusing a little bit more on the insides? The things that make people’s eyes light up. That makes them cry. That makes them laugh uncontrollably. The things that actually makes the person who they are. We are more than numbers. Of followers, likes, numbers inside our clothes, on the scale. We are all so damn beautiful.

I posted this on my story after a company contacted me about promoting products that “made you lose weight”. We influence everyone around us. We need to take responsibility for what we say and what we do. We all need to help each other realize that we are good enough. We need to teach each other how to love, respect, and appreciate ourselves

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  • This is so important and I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for using your voice to speak about such an important (and misguided) topic. Your new fan from Cali. xoxo