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10:59 | November 26, 2018


Braided Hoop: PRICE: 299 sek MATERIAL: 99% Brass, 1% Steel

Structured Hoop: PRICE: 299 sek  MATERIAL: 99% Brass, 1% Steel

Pear Braided Hoop: PRICE: 249 sek MATERIAL: 49% Brass, 1% Steel , 50% Glass

Shell Pack: PRICE: 249 sek MATERIAL: 60% Brass, 40% Steel

Vintage clip ons: PRICE: 249 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Wave necklace: PRICE: 249 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Chain necklace: PRICE: 299 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Wild Child necklace:  PRICE: 199 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Chain Bracelet:  PRICE: 249 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Shell Bracelet:  PRICE: 199 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Signet Ring:  PRICE: 199 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Structured ring 2-pack:  PRICE: 249 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

Pearl ring:  PRICE: 199 sek MATERIAL: 100% Brass

RING SIZES: 6&8 – I have small hands and fingers and wear size 6.

Size 6 – inside diameter is 16,6 mm

Size 8 – inside diameter is 18,1 mm

Chain Belt:  PRICE: 499 sek MATERIAL: 99% Brass 1%shell


It’s almost time. TOMORROW, NOVEMBER 27th the collection will be available. I created this little mini guide so you have all the information you need for the launch. The collection is exclusive so we will not be restocking!

HOW TO BUY: You will be able to purchase your favorite pieces from NAKD. If you sign up HERE you get pre-access to shop 30 minutes before everyone else, at 7 in the morning – Swedish time. If you don’t sign up you will be able to shop the collection at 7:30, so 30 minutes later. Please double check what time it is on your side of the world.


QUALITY: To be in the price range we wanted we did everything we could to get you the best quality possible. The pieces feel luxurious and the color is gorgeous. I would advice you to NOT go in the water with the jewelry, or any jewelry that isn’t 100% real gold. And even then be careful. If you got something from the competition and get something this time again you will notice a big difference in quality. It’s honestly so gorgeous.

Ok, I think that’s it haha.. comment below if there’s anything else I can help you with <3 THANK YOU for your support. I am blown away by the love I received for this collection. Sometimes I get scared that I’m the only one who likes it and then you guys message me saying you’re obsessed and that you love it. It’s the best feeling EVER. Love you guys x

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