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19:11 | January 1, 2019


New year, new you -. right? That’s the words I see basically everywhere when a new year is around the corner. As much as I love the thought of being able to press a button that is 2019 and leave everything else behind. And start 2019 with a clean slate – that’s next to impossible. I definitely see a new year as a fresh start, but not in that – new year, new me, new life – kind of way. More in the way of letting myself just be human and yes, set goals that I want to achieve or work towards. But in a very relaxed way. So I thought I would share my New Years resolutions with you.

x Drink more water

x Put myself & my health first 

x Focus on people and things that make me happy and fill me with love. You know those people that support you through everything. But who can also remind you of the things you need to get better at. 

x Have fun. Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

So with this said, set healthy goals this year. Have fun. Don’t take it too seriously. We all make mistakes and we all have our lows. These moments happen for a reason, I like to think. To make me appreciate the good things more. When you have highs, take it in. Really soak it in. Put your phone down at the dinner table and have real conversations. Put the phone down when walking outside, enjoy the nature. Let yourself feel. And let yourself make mistakes. Let yourself thrive and let yourself work hard. As long as you’re feeling healthy and happy. If it gets too much, take a step back. Dare to say no, and dare to say yes. Call your friends and tell them how needed and valuable they are. Give people a long hug. Hold them tight. Work out because it makes you happy. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Write down what you need to do so it’s not a tangled up mess in your head. And write down what you are grateful for. And focus on that. Focus on what makes you feel bubbly inside. What makes you smile and what makes you want to get out of bed. Focus on your health. Listen to your body. Let love, compassion and joy lead the way. Don’t forget to take care of the people around you. And don’t forget to take care of yourself. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun. Live.

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