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09:43 | June 12, 2019

PM skin care routine

Hej på er <3 Nu jäklar ska det uppdateras på youtube hörrni, vi börjar med en kvällsrutin där jag nämner alla min favorit produkter och allt är länkat i beskrivningen på videon så in och kika! Vad mer vill ni se? kommentera gärna <3 x

// Hi guys <3 It’s time to get back on youtube, starting with a PM skin care routine where I show you all of my favorite products and everything is linked in the description of the video so take a look! What more do you want to see? please comment <3 x 

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7 kommentarer om “PM skin care routine”

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Jag accepterar villkoren som finns här

  • Apartment Tour please 😍😍

  • Kan du prate om hvordan du gikk fra mørkt brun til blondt hår 🙂 ?

  • You should make a wardrobe video! What are your favorite clothing pieces? What are your clothing must haves? ❤😊

  • Hi. I just wanna start by saying I love your pictures and content. It inspires me and i really enjoy to follow you and I have been doing so for a really long time. I adore your sweet, pure personality a lot. I just wanna say i get really disappointed when I see you get very sensitive and harsh at people who critique you. When someone commented on your light pink dress in a wedding, you react by disabling comments, blocking people and respond with “girls need to support other girls more”. Why can’t you just be more mature and take it? 90% of what you get is positive and love, but it’s very upsetting to follow you and see you react like this every time someone says against you or just puts something out there. I just reacted badly on this because you shouldn’t feel the need to be so protective or defend yourself this immature selfish way. You should be able to hear someone critique you without reacting this badly. Have a great summer.

  • Hi there! I’m sad to understand that you see it that way. I don’t take critique harshly, I block people when their comments are hateful. And when I posted that photo I got a lot of hate, people calling me really nasty stuff – and if you see that as me acting immaturely then that is fine. I just want you to understand what it’s like to get comments like that, if you did I would never call you immature for deleting and blocking those people. If someone would’ve commented in a nice, mature way then fine – please do. But when comments get to that point I won’t have it. We all act differently and for me it’s not weird to delete and block people who act on hate. Ps. I love that we all think differently and have different opinions and I alson love to chat with people about this – and I do often. But that’s also something we can do privately and maturely. Have a lovely day!

  • Heiii, kan du vise hvordan du redigerer bildene dine på Instagram? Elsker hvor enkle og naturlige de er😻

  • Fantastisk video!
    Du har en väldigt trevlig hund.