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08:31 | July 4, 2019

New additions to my make up and skin care routine

My whole skin care routine is currently by Comfort Zone, I’ve been really happy with this series as well. It’s for sensitive skin and has no fragrance and is super gentle. I use the Cream to oil cleanser, Toner, Serum and Hydrating cream. Every morning and night. Sometimes I swap out the serum at night for this one instead.

Other days when I need a little extra hydration I love to use Marula Oil and I’ve found that this one works really well.

I need to take a minute to appreciate these make up wipes, they are 100% eco friendly made out of rayon and literally removes EVERYTHING. I use these when I have heavy make up on after shoots and one wipe takes everything off. I know that I have mentioned these before but the only product I like to put on my face is this one. I use it as both a concealer and as a base when I want to even my skin out a little. It’s so good and also buildable so if you like me don’t like coverage this one is amazing, but like I said you can also get it more full coverage. Just had to share these products with you guys! x

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9 kommentarer om “New additions to my make up and skin care routine”

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  • Hej! Vad heter modellen på din YSL med brett bagstrap? Har försökt leta men hittar inte.. Kram!!

  • uppdatera meeeeeraaaaaaaaaa

  • I love the green makeup bag! what brand is it? <3

  • youre the biggest catfish LOL

  • hahaha älskar denna bilden!! mer än två år gammal. Ofta du ALDRIG varit med om en dålig bild? sjukt isåfall! Teach me your tricks!!

  • Åh, bästa!!

  • Hi Matilda, I was hoping you might be able to help? You know your prada hobo bag, does it have Prada stamped on all the metal hardware on the handles? I am trying to find an authentic vintage prada, and just wanted to see if yours had that? Thank you!! xx

  • Hej, Matilda. Jeg lurer på hvilken prevensjon du bruker? Du har så fin hud!

    Jeg har prøvd spiral og p-stav men huden min reagerer utrolig mye.

  • Where did you get the green bag from would really like to know. Love you! 🇩🇰