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19:14 | January 20, 2019

vintage stores – London

As promised, here’s a little list of vintage stores in London. We went to Brick Lane and found so many vintage stores here, also on the tiny streets off Brick Lane. I have collected a few places you guys messaged me about as well. Hope this helps x

Serotonin – I personally liked this, had designer brands. This is where I got my Fendi pants!

Atika – Had A LOT of Levis jeans. I got a pair here.

Vintage Basement


The Vintage Market (near Brick Lane) – A lot of different shops/stalls in one big building. They literally had everything here. A few stalls are a bit overpriced though.

Sign of the times (Chelsea)

Fara (by angel station)


Absolute vintage

Search and Destroy


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  • Hej fina! Kan du snälla göra en NY guide?

  • Hi, have you ever considered that many of you influencers talks & writes about that we should all love ourselves, say to ourselves that we are good enough and that we dont need to be anybody else.. I just can’t help thinking, that that is easy for girls like you to say. I’m sure that you are soo fantastic, but i really think it is weird to say, that we should focus on the inside, when 90% of your instagram pictures is you posing and looking perfect. I dont think that will help any insecure girls or solve the problem, that so many young girls are feeling depressed, when they look at influencers posting perfect pictures in bikini and so on.. Dont really know if i described my point that well.. But yeah.. I just think its weird..

  • Why would it be easy for me to say that? just because I work with photos and fashion? I still have feelings, insecurities, problems. We are all human and our jobs are not what makes it right for us to feel things. We are all allowed to feel what we do. I post pictures yes, but I also post A ALOT about when I’m feeling down, when I’m going through things. I am extremely transparent with my followers. I think it would be weird if I didn’t talk about all of these things. I’ve worked up a platform that has given me a voice and I’ve chosen to use it for photos and to talk about issues that I have/or am going through. Hugs x

  • Personally I think your blog is great and you have to keep doing what you like. Enjoy life, we only have one.