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New work for Arnhem Clothing shot in Mykonos at my favorite beach x

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Manchester hörrni, tre dagar av jobb och god mat. Mycket uber eats för att vara ärlig, varit helt totalt slut denna veckan. Igår var sista dagen och det var sol. Så jag passade på att byta om till klänning för eftermiddagen. Klänningen hittar ni här. Jackan är vintage och skorna är från Zara. Känns så skönt att vara hemma. Ska ta en helg och bara mysa lite. Och städa. Gud så tråkigt. Men det måste göras! Vad är era planer? x

// Manchester guys, three days of work and good food. Ok so a lot of uber eats to be honest, i’ve been so tired after work this week. Yesterday was the last day and it was sunny which was so nice. I took the chance to wear a dress and you can find it here. The jacket is vintage and shoes from Zara. It feels so good to be home. This weekend the focus will be to relax and just have a cozy weekend. And to clean. So boring. But it needs to be done. What are your plans? x 

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August 25th

From dreamy days in Greece

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Hej mina fina! I veckan kom vi ju hem ifrån Grekland, i samma veva skulle vi ta emot en ny soffa och packa om inför Ystad med Foreo. Jag började använda Foreos produkter i December förra året och älskar dom. Därför är jag så stolt att få säga att jag är en av deras ambassadörer. Det är verkligen kul! Jag älskar speciellt deras UFO, den jag visade för någon månad sen. Minns ni? det har typ aldrig varit så fab att göra ansiktsbehandling hemma haha. I alla fall, denna helgen är jag nere i Malmö och Ystad för att fira lanseringen av deras nya produkt Luna FOFO. Vi har varit på spa, slappat och ätit gott. Just nu ligger jag i sängen efter frukost och försöker ta igen lite jobb. Jag är så efter och börjar känna att min kropp känner sig extremt stressad. Jag kommer hem ikväll och imorgon går flyget 6 på morgonen till nästa jobb. Vad har ni för er denna helgen? få ni luta er tillbaka och andas ut lite? tänker på er <3

// Hi my loves! As you know I got back from Greece this week and at the same time we got a new couch delivered to us and I had to pack my bags once again to go to Ystad with Foreo. I started using Foreo last December and absolutely love them. Which is why it’s extra fun or me to be able to say that i’m one of their ambassadors. I especially love the UFO, the one I showed you guys a month back. Do you remember? It’s never been more fab to do facials at home haha. Anyways, so this weekend i’m in Malmö and Ystad to celebrate the launch of their new product the Luna FOFO. We’ve been at the spa, relaxed and eaten yummy food. I’m currently in bed after breakfast trying to get some work done. I’m so behind and I can feel that my body is starting to get stressed. I get home tonight and the flight leaves at 6 tomorrow for the next job. What are you guys up to this weekend? have you gotten to relax and breathe a little? thinking of you <3 x 

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BLAZER // Earrings – Italy // Sunnies – Velvet Canyon

warm summer nights filled with love, feelings, laughter, champagne and olives. Because I’m obsessed with olives, but they need to be green. And the feelings need to be deep. I don’t know how many times this trip Rasmus have listened to me and all of my thoughts. Everything from how the sun goes down and just disappears to how unique all humans are to why olives are so damn yummy. He always just listens and lets me philosophize about it all, and that for me is love 🌙

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At my favorite beach in Mykonos, wearing my own design for Ete Swimwear. The top is sold out in this color – you can find the rest of the collection here x

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Film roll from Skåne x

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BRB – just need to get back to human being after sleeping for two hours and catching a very early morning flight.. I’ll update you all tomorrow about Italy x

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I am me, and that is more than enough

Bikini from my collection for Ete Swimwear, can be found here

Here I am, I’m 162cm and I have baby feet that makes it hard to work in the fashion industry (😂). Oh, and I have a body, but I’m not my body. My body doesn’t define who I am. I’m much more than that. I am wise, hard working, passionate, caring, healthy, loving. My body and my mind makes it possible for me to travel the world, have a job that I love, hug my loved ones. And I’m pretty fucking happy that I three years ago got over the fear of posting photos in bikinis, if you don’t know why it can be a fear – you’re lucky. If you do know why it can feel like the toughest thing in the world – you’re beautiful and I love you. Once I realized that life wasn’t about the number of my dress size, or fitting into a pair of jeans something changed. It’s about feeling, sharing moments with people you care about. Doing things that make you feel good, that makes you feel alive. It’s about love. Love towards the people around you, and love towards yourself. And I love you angels, and myself. Yes I said it – I love myself. And it’s a pretty crazy and freeing thing to say and feel x

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Italian dream

Hej mina änglar! Hej från ITALIEN! Åh vad det är fantastiskt att vara tillbaks, det tog lite tid tills jag hade mitt bagage dock haha. Men nu är det med mig, vi är just nu i Santa Margherita. Ska lägga ut en bildbomb när jag kommer hem och har bra internet, tills dess får ni lite blandat från gårdagens lunch x

// Hi my angels! Hi from ITALY! ah it’s so amazing to be back, it took a little time before my bag was with me though haha. But it’s finally in my hands again and i’m the happiest. We are currently in Santa Margherita. I’m going to post a photo bomb as soon as I get back home and have good internet, until then – here is a mix from yesterdays lunch x

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