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20:58 | July 8, 2018

The best day

Åh, idag vaknade jag till solen. Jag gick direkt upp till köket och öppnade fönstret på vid gavel. Sedan satte jag på min mys musik, country (det känns så rätt när det är sommar ute) och lagade pannkakor åt Rasmus. Det var verkligen en mysig stund. Vi pratade om vad vi skulle göra under dagen och bestämde vi oss för att åka till mamma och pappa ute i Grötö, 20 minuter senare satt vi i bilen. Åh vad det var ett bra val. Idag har varit sån mysig dag. Vi har badat i havet och det var helt fantastiskt. Sådär så man inte ville gå upp. Gosat med Maverick. Och bara tagit det lugnt. Jag har gått runt i min bikini hela dagen, självklart från min kollektion för Ete Swimwear. Den är verkligen så perfekt, är så stolt över mig själv att JAG har designat den. Tycker det känns galet. Nu är vi hemma i sängen igen och det är dags för mig att sova. Imorgon är det jobb som gäller, ännu en rolig vecka hos Nelly. Skönt att vara hemma. Massa kramar till er! x

// Oh, today I woke up to the sun. I immediately went up to the kitchen and opened the windows. I then put on my feel good music, which is country (it feels so right when it’s summer outside) and made pancakes for Rasmus. It really was a good morning. After talking about the plans for our sunday we decided to head out to Mom and Dad, they’re at our summer place Grötö. 20 minutes later we we’re in the car. And it was a really good decision. Today has been such a good day. The ocean was amazing, as soon as I jumped in I just didn’t want to get up. We cuddled with Maverick. And we just took it really easy. I’ve walked around in my bikini the whole day, of course from my collection for Ete Swimwear. It really is so perfect, and i’m so proud that I’VE designed it. It feels so crazy. We’re back in bed and it’s now time for me to sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to work, another fun week at Nelly. It’s good to be home. Lots of hugs to you! x 

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19:01 | July 4, 2018

I am me, and that is more than enough

Bikini from my collection for Ete Swimwear, can be found here

Here I am, I’m 162cm and I have baby feet that makes it hard to work in the fashion industry (😂). Oh, and I have a body, but I’m not my body. My body doesn’t define who I am. I’m much more than that. I am wise, hard working, passionate, caring, healthy, loving. My body and my mind makes it possible for me to travel the world, have a job that I love, hug my loved ones. And I’m pretty fucking happy that I three years ago got over the fear of posting photos in bikinis, if you don’t know why it can be a fear – you’re lucky. If you do know why it can feel like the toughest thing in the world – you’re beautiful and I love you. Once I realized that life wasn’t about the number of my dress size, or fitting into a pair of jeans something changed. It’s about feeling, sharing moments with people you care about. Doing things that make you feel good, that makes you feel alive. It’s about love. Love towards the people around you, and love towards yourself. And I love you angels, and myself. Yes I said it – I love myself. And it’s a pretty crazy and freeing thing to say and feel x

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07:59 | June 11, 2018

The perfect day

Det är definitivt något speciellt med den Svenska sommaren. Luften är annorlunda, ljuset och temperaturen. Och människorna. Det är liksom som att alla kommer ur deras skal och det är en sån fantastisk känsla att se. Det har varit några fantastiska veckor med fantastiskt väder. Jag tror inte jag har simmat så mycket i sjön och havet i Sverige som jag har dessa veckor. Pinch me, lyllos mig! x

// There is definitely something special about Swedish summer. The air is different, the light, the temperature. And the people. Everyone just comes out of their shells and it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s been a couple of amazing weeks of great weather. I don’t think i’ve ever swam as much in the lake and ocean in Sweden as I have these weeks. Pinch me, so lucky! x

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08:29 | June 1, 2018

Swedish Summer

Bikini ~  Sunnies


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12:00 | April 23, 2018


I’ve had the opportunity to design a second collection for ETE SWIMWEAR, LAUNCHING SOON.. until then get fist access to the collection before anyone else by signing up to the waitlist HERE. SO excited for this, it’s been a long time coming with so much hard work and love put into it. Hope you’re as excited as I am! Love xx

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