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08:41 | October 15, 2018

Daily reminder:

It just sucks: we are already shown so many messed up things in media. Like “how to lose ten pounds in a week”. You influence people you hang out with. Stop talking about carbs like it’s the most dangerous thing in the world. Like eating a plate of pasta will automatically make you gain 10 pounds. Stop talking about yourself in a negative way around your friends. How many of you have sat around a table with your friends where you’ve all said something like “my stomach looks huge in these pants”. And then it’s like a bad cycle so everyone says something negative about themselves. CHANGE THAT. Sit around that exact same table and say something positive instead, like “I feel super pretty in this dress”. Stop shaming people for what they eat. Healthy or unhealthy. Stop commenting on other people’s bodies all the time. Can’t we all just start focusing a little bit more on the insides? The things that make people’s eyes light up. That makes them cry. That makes them laugh uncontrollably. The things that actually makes the person who they are. We are more than numbers. Of followers, likes, numbers inside our clothes, on the scale. We are all so damn beautiful.

I posted this on my story after a company contacted me about promoting products that “made you lose weight”. We influence everyone around us. We need to take responsibility for what we say and what we do. We all need to help each other realize that we are good enough. We need to teach each other how to love, respect, and appreciate ourselves

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20:34 | September 17, 2018

what changed my mindset


Lägg ner telefonen. Sätt dig ner. Låt dig själv känna. Låt dig själv tänka.

x Vad var det bästa med din dag?

x Vad gjorde dig glad idag?

x Vad är du tacksam över?

Låt dessa tre frågor vägleda dina dagar. Fokusera på det som gör dig glad. Fokusera på det som är givande. Och snälla påminn dig själv vad du har att vara tacksam över. Jag har märkt att jag uppskattar dom små sakerna mer när jag frågar mig själv dessa tre frågor varje dag. Jag brukar också ställa Rasmus frågorna, och när jag kan, min familj. Om du blir glad av naturen – gå ut och njut av den. Om den bästa stunden på dagen var ditt morgonkaffe innan dagen verkligen började – gör detta en prioritering. Om du känner dig tacksam för någon eller för något den gjorde – berätta det för dom. Det är så viktigt att stanna upp och tänka. Och känna. Kan vi inte alla lova varandra att vi ska bli bättre på det? <3

// Put down your phone. Sit down. Let yourself feel. Let yourself think. 

x What was the best part of your day?

x What made you happy today?

x What are you thankful for?

Let these three questions guide you through your days. Focus on the things that make you happy. Focus on the things that feel rewarding. Please remind yourself what you have to be thankful for. I find myself appreciating the small things much more when I ask myself these three questions every single day. I usually also ask Rasmus them. And when I can, my family. If walking in nature makes you happy – do it. If the best part of your day was your morning coffee before the day really started – please make this a priority. If you feel thankful for another person or over something they did – tell them. It’s so important to just pause and think. And feel. Can we all promise each other to be better at this? <3 

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20:24 | April 27, 2018

5 reminders to boost your self confidence

Self love &  self acceptance are two words that have such powerful meaning, and words that are very complicated. I feel like I need to talk about this more. And from now on I will. I try to talk about it as often as I can. But I can get better at it. A lot of you ask if I can share tips on how to feel more confident, and here’s a few things that I do.

x Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Being comfortable is essential if I want to feel confident. It might seem silly but when I wear things I don’t feel comfortable in I always feel less pretty. Feeling comfortable is such an easy way to feeling more confident.

x Swap the negative words with positive ones. It’s easy to right away let negative words take over. Ok, so my body wants to give up and I can’t run the last 10 minutes, i’m so tired, I can’t do this. I change a few words in this sentence and tell myself that “my body CAN do this. I’m not tired”. Tricking my mind and telling myself that i’m not tired actually helps me. It’s just about swapping the negative words with positive ones. I do the same thing when I have important meetings, I tell myself you can do this, you’re more than enough and you can give them everything they want, and more. 

x Set a small goal and then achieve it. Just to really boost that confidence. A simple goal like cooking a new meal for dinner, lifting a heavier weight at the gym, drinking more water. Set small goals for a week and once you’ve accomplished them you will have to applaud yourself. Really simple but it does a lot for the confidence, just seeing that you can do what you set your mind to. Once you’ve accomplished smaller goals you will be ready to move on to bigger ones.

x Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. You have to, and I mean have to – be aware of how you speak to yourself. Start thinking about it, and when you let your mind say something negative about yourself – grab a hold of that thought (well not literally haha) and think to yourself “would I say this to my best friend?” the answer is probably NO – now rephrase the thing you were about to say into something positive, that you would say to your best friend.

x Compliment yourself. Self love isn’t selfish – it’s important. Before you go out and take the world by storm.. give yourself a compliment. Anything from “my hair is pretty today” to “wow, I cooked a really good breakfast” to “yes, I woke up in time today, good work!”. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to encourage positive thinking. It’s a small and very important step on the road to self acceptance.

I hope this helps someone, it’s just small things that have helped me <3 love you all x

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08:43 | February 15, 2018

4 steps <3

Valentines day – The day of love – The day of SELF LOVE – 4 steps 

1. Think about 3 things you love about yourself & 3 things you think you’re good at.

2. Write them down

3. Keep the note somewhere safe – bedside table, wallet, in a book? – And then remember where you put it.

4. Every time you feel down, take up that note and read through it – Remind yourself of how valuable you are.

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09:00 | January 27, 2018

What to do when you’re feeling down..

x Spendera tid med någon du älskar. Mamma, pappa, partner, kompis.. någon som matar dig med positivitet och glädje! // Spend time with someone you love. Mom, dad, partner, friend.. somewhere that feeds you with positivity and happiness!

x Lyssna på musik! Sätt på din favoritlåt, höj volymen och blunda. Bara lyssna och fokusera på det. // Listen to music! Put on your favorite song, pump up the volume and close your eyes. Just listen and focus on that.

x Skriv. Ta ut papper och en penna eller din dagbok. Och skriv ner precis vad du tänker, det spelar ingen roll om det inte hänger ihop, du behöver bara rensa tankarna. // Write. Take out a piece of paper & pen, or your diary and write down exactly everything that is on your mind. It doesn’t need to make sense, you just need to clear your mind. 

x Leta inspiration! När jag känner mig omotiverad går jag in på internet eller kollar i tidningar och sparar ner allt som inspirerar mig. // Source inspiration! If I feel unmotivated I like to go online, look in magazines and save down everything that inspires me. 

x Skapa tid för sånt som får dig att må bra. Är det att kolla på en film? läsa en bok? mysa med ditt husdjur? Oavsett vad det är, är det viktigt att du sätter undan tid för det och tar en paus. // Make time for things that make you feel great. Is it watching a movie? reading a book? cuddling with your pet? Put aside some time for it and let yourself take a break. 

x Ta djupa andetag. Det kanske inte låter som mycket men det gör sån himla stor skillnad. Om du känner dig nere spendera några minuter och fokusera på enbart dina andetag. Ta långa, djupa och släng iväg alla negativa tankar när du andas ut.  // Take some deep breaths. It may not sound like much but it makes the biggest difference. If you’re feeling down spend a few minutes focusing on, only your breaths. Take long, slow ones and get rid of all negative thoughts on each exhale. 

x  Gör din egen “emergency care wall”. Jag hittade denna bilden på internet och den kändes klockren för mig. Kolla! // Make your own emergency care wall. I found this photo on the internet and for me – it’s genius. Let me show you the photo..


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