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09:10 | September 9, 2018


New work for Arnhem Clothing shot in Mykonos at my favorite beach x

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07:53 | September 1, 2018

August 25th

From dreamy days in Greece

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08:51 | August 28, 2018


BLAZER // Earrings – Italy // Sunnies – Velvet Canyon

warm summer nights filled with love, feelings, laughter, champagne and olives. Because I’m obsessed with olives, but they need to be green. And the feelings need to be deep. I don’t know how many times this trip Rasmus have listened to me and all of my thoughts. Everything from how the sun goes down and just disappears to how unique all humans are to why olives are so damn yummy. He always just listens and lets me philosophize about it all, and that for me is love 🌙

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08:44 | August 28, 2018


At my favorite beach in Mykonos, wearing my own design for Ete Swimwear. The top is sold out in this color – you can find the rest of the collection here x

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