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16:57 | May 6, 2018

15h in Cannes

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Fantastiska Nelly, alltså hur fint hade inte dom styrt upp allting. Jag åkte till Cannes med Nelly charter i fredags och spenderade 15h med gänget. WOW. Ett chartrat plan, en dags fest, fantastiskt hotell och fantastisk location där festen var. 

// Amazing Nelly. I traveled to Cannes with Nelly friday for their Nelly Charter. I spent 15h with a group of mixed people from the industry. WOW. A chartered plane just for us, day party, amazing hotel and amazing location where the party was. 

Direkt från flyget till festen. Jag bytte bara topp och skor. Jeansen hittar ni här, alltså hur snygga!? Topp, kavaj och skor. Sunnies from Velvet Canyon

// Straight from the plane to the party. I just changed top and shoes. The jeans you can find here, how good are they!? Top, blazer and shoes. Sunnies are from Velvet Canyon

Dress, Shoes are from Byfar (Bag and earrings are vintage).

Jag fick en timma sömn så igår låg jag i sängen hela dagen. Så tacksam att jag får jobba och festa med Nelly, världens goaste företag verkligen.

// I got one hour of sleep so yesterday I spent the entire day in bed. So thankful I get to work and party with Nelly, best company ever.

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10:59 | May 1, 2018

Spots in Paris

Come on Eileen – I visited this store last year when I was in Paris and this year again. It’s kind of an organised mess. You’ll find design pieces from well known brands like Dior, Versace etc. But also random brands. Everything from bags to shoes to clothes.

Kilo Shop – For me this store was an absolute mess haha, you definitely have to be in the mood to go there. It’s one of those stores where you really need to look to find something. If you do it will totally be worth it. There’s two next to each other and the smaller one is definitely more manageable but a lot more things to find in the bigger one.

And a few stores that many of you guys recommended that I didn’t have time to visit this time:

x Episode

x Kiliwatch

x Free’P’Star

x Thanx god I’m a VIP

x Chinemachine

x Pretty box

When I posted a picture of the breakfast above many of you asked what the place was called, La Compagnie du Cafe. I’ve found it hard to find a good breakfast place in Paris, many places offer croissants and baguettes (not that i’m complaining haha). This place was really yummy and the plates were BIG.

Another place I love is Hôtel costes, it’s a bit on the pricey side but if you want the best fries go there. The place, interior and vibe is really elegant and cool at the same time.

We stayed at Le Pigalle and I kind of have to tell you guys about their restaurant – the food was really fresh and good. I had the french bean salad twice, and Rasmus had their Salmon toast. Just really simple, tasty and fresh food.

Café De Flore – One of the oldest coffee-houses in Paris.. Do I need to say more?

Places you guys told me about that I didn’t have time to visit:

For breakfast – Season Paris

Italian – Pink Mamma & Ober Mamma for the best truffle pasta in Paris

Sushi – Miss Kô

Is there anything else you want me to write about? x

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21:56 | April 29, 2018


Paid collaboration with Gina Tricot, post contains adlinks

Blev så glad när jag hittade denna tröjan på Ginas hemsida, perfekta tröjan nu till varmare dagar. Har den både i svart och vitt, och har matchat på två olika sätt så ni förhoppningsvis får lite inspiration! Och denna fina kjolen… älskar!

// I was so happy when I found this shirt at Gina, the perfect shirt for warmer days. I have it in both black and white – and i’ve matched it two different ways so you guys hopefully can get some inspiration! And this pretty skirt… love it!

Här med ett par jeans.. för en enklare look som både funkar till festligare tillfällen och vardags! Vilken färg gillar ni mest? x

// Here with a pair of jeans for a simpler look that works both for everyday life and nicer occasions. Which color do you like most? x 

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20:24 | April 27, 2018

5 reminders to boost your self confidence

Self love &  self acceptance are two words that have such powerful meaning, and words that are very complicated. I feel like I need to talk about this more. And from now on I will. I try to talk about it as often as I can. But I can get better at it. A lot of you ask if I can share tips on how to feel more confident, and here’s a few things that I do.

x Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Being comfortable is essential if I want to feel confident. It might seem silly but when I wear things I don’t feel comfortable in I always feel less pretty. Feeling comfortable is such an easy way to feeling more confident.

x Swap the negative words with positive ones. It’s easy to right away let negative words take over. Ok, so my body wants to give up and I can’t run the last 10 minutes, i’m so tired, I can’t do this. I change a few words in this sentence and tell myself that “my body CAN do this. I’m not tired”. Tricking my mind and telling myself that i’m not tired actually helps me. It’s just about swapping the negative words with positive ones. I do the same thing when I have important meetings, I tell myself you can do this, you’re more than enough and you can give them everything they want, and more. 

x Set a small goal and then achieve it. Just to really boost that confidence. A simple goal like cooking a new meal for dinner, lifting a heavier weight at the gym, drinking more water. Set small goals for a week and once you’ve accomplished them you will have to applaud yourself. Really simple but it does a lot for the confidence, just seeing that you can do what you set your mind to. Once you’ve accomplished smaller goals you will be ready to move on to bigger ones.

x Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend. You have to, and I mean have to – be aware of how you speak to yourself. Start thinking about it, and when you let your mind say something negative about yourself – grab a hold of that thought (well not literally haha) and think to yourself “would I say this to my best friend?” the answer is probably NO – now rephrase the thing you were about to say into something positive, that you would say to your best friend.

x Compliment yourself. Self love isn’t selfish – it’s important. Before you go out and take the world by storm.. give yourself a compliment. Anything from “my hair is pretty today” to “wow, I cooked a really good breakfast” to “yes, I woke up in time today, good work!”. It’s important to be kind to yourself and to encourage positive thinking. It’s a small and very important step on the road to self acceptance.

I hope this helps someone, it’s just small things that have helped me <3 love you all x

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20:18 | April 26, 2018

last 24h

Efter många om och men och många bra rekommendationer valde vi att bo på Le Pigalle. Jag hade bokat rum med utsikt mot staden, jag ville verkligen ha det. När vi kom dit fick vi det minsta rummet med utsikt mot en vägg med rör.. besvikelsen haha. Efter många om och men 24h senare fick vi ett nytt rum. Det är ju inte det att man vill vara jobbig eller verka bortskämd men så tråkigt det är när man betalar extra för något och får en vägg. Hotellet var mysigt och deras mat var väldigt god. Skulle definitivt tipsa om att bo där. Väldigt unikt med fina detaljer.

// After a lot of ifs and buts and good recommendations we decided to stay at Le Pigalle. I had booked a room with a city view so when we got to the hotel and got the tiniest room with a view of a wall with pipes I was a little sad haha. It might sound childish but you know when you pay extra for something and then get a wall? haha. We were very happy when we finally got the room we payed for, & over all I would definitely recommend the hotel. Oh and the food was very good. Very unique with pretty details.

My best friend <3 

Första dagen i Paris gick vi till Chanel affären, jag kunde inte bestämma mig om jag skulle skämma bort mig själv eller inte, men sen igår kände jag jo – nu kör jag! Åh ska bli kul att visa er vad som är i påsen x

// The first day in Paris we went to the Chanel store, I couldn’t’ decide if I should splurge or not.. but yesterday I decided that yes – i’m going for it! Can’t wait to show you guys whats in the bag.. x 

Going home.. always sad to leave Paris behind. Kind of want to move?

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20:45 | April 25, 2018


Paid collaboration with Gina Tricot, contains adlinks


Den finaste kavajen och byxan ifrån Gina Tricot – blommor, perfekta skärning och vida ben. Jag älskar att köpa set, man får ju en outfit + massor mer. Lika mycket som jag älskar att bära det tillsammans älskar jag att bära plaggen separat. Här har jag på mig en helvit outfit till för at verkligen låta kavajen vara i fokus.

// The prettiest blazer and pant from Gina Tricot – flowers, low cut and wide legged. I love buying sets, basically because you get one outfit + endless amounts more. I also love wearing it as a set, but also separate. Here with an all white outfit to really let the blazer be the focus. 

Som jag nämnde så älskar jag set, denna kommer definitivt vara en go-to outfit i sommar. Helvitt, oversize och vida byxor. Tillsammans med guldiga smycken är man redo! Kavaj & byxa.

// Like I said  – I love wearing sets. This one will definitely be one of my go-to pieces for summer. All white, oversized blazer with flared pants. Wear it with golden jewerly and you’re good to go. Blazer & Pants

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06:57 | April 25, 2018

Paris.. oh Paris!

Hej änglar! Åh, fantastiska Paris.. gud vad jag älskar denna staden. Igår strålade solen precis hela dagen och vi bara gick runt och njöt. Vi gick lite överallt. Affärer, restauranger, sevärdheter.. mysig dag helt enkelt. Jag gick runt i t-shirt från Ragdoll LA, Kjol från min kollektion för Sabo skirt och skor från Steve Madden som tyvärr är köpt på rea förra året.

// Hi angels! Oh, beautiful Paris! I love this city so much. The sun was shining all day yesterday and we just walked around and enjoyed ourselves. We walked a little all over. Stores, restaurants, touristy things. A really nice day. I walked around in t-shirt from Ragdoll LA, skirt from my collection for Sabo Skirt and shoes from Steve Madden that I bought on sale last year. 

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12:00 | April 23, 2018


I’ve had the opportunity to design a second collection for ETE SWIMWEAR, LAUNCHING SOON.. until then get fist access to the collection before anyone else by signing up to the waitlist HERE. SO excited for this, it’s been a long time coming with so much hard work and love put into it. Hope you’re as excited as I am! Love xx

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07:25 | April 22, 2018

Italian dream day

 Wearing my dress from my Sabo Skirt collection & a hat we got from the Escada team, Blazer from h&m.

Vi började dagen med en helt fantastiskt frukost, sedan tog vi en båttur till ett privat hus som låg på kusten. Här serverades det lunch, mysiga konversationer och kunskap om parfymen. Vi fick smaka och lukta på dofterna som är parfymen. T.ex vattenmelon, päron och kandiderade äpplen. Jag var ju i Italien med Escada för att fira deras nya parfym, Sorbetto Rosso.  

// We started the day with an amazing breakfast, then we took boats to a private house on the coast line. We got served lunch, nice conventions and knowledge about the perfume. We got to try and smell the scents in the perfume. Like watermelon, pears, and candied apples. I was in Italy with Escada to celebrate their new perfume, Sorbetto Rosso.

När vi kom tillbaks från båtturen åkte vi vespa upp till hotellet, sedan fick vi åka i en sån liten söt bil, det var ju bara drömmen. Åh vilken härlig dag det var, stressig.. men fantastisk! Så tacksam att jag fick vara med på denna resan <3 massa kramar till er x

// When we got back from the boat we got a little vespa tour up to the hotel, and then we got to go in these cute little cars. Dream!! Oh, what an amazing day.. stressful but amazing! So thankful I got to be part of this trip <3 lots of hugs to you x 



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